Studio Tecnico MB has built a staff of two civil engineers and an architect who follows the early stages of the feasibility study, the education of technical and bureaucratic practices to apply for planning permission, to engineering detail including seismic analysis and stress analysis, structural design with 3D
modeling and study rendered in virtual reality, architectural design, construction management, the work management structure, and finally the testing of structures.

Design and 3D modeling software such as dedicated 4D TECNOMETAL an ideal solution for the design and construction of metal structures of all type. This program adapts to different construction types with extreme flexibility, thanks to the functions designed and optimized to take on projects both simple and of considerable complexity and detail. The STUDIO TECNICO MB uses TecnoMETAL for the design of any type of structure, such as sheds, buildings, bridges and special structures, towers, petrochemical facilities, stairs, roofs.

The STUDIO TECNICO MB uses TecnoMETAL For the design of electrical networks MT and AT distribution and transmission of electricity. By sizing the development of drawings of the individual parts of the workshop, assembly, installation, torque, and size of the individual nodes.


In the area of 'Oil & Gas, Design and 3D modeling with dedicated software often requires specific software, and the Technical Study MB is equipped and works with its Structural engineers with TEKLA, which allows you to integrate and interacciarsi with all major engineering company and sector construction.

architectural design and drafting of building practice / acquisition opinion ausl. structural design drafting practice and seismic construction drawings.





Main activities developed:

• Structural calculations
• Analysis of the limit states of structures
• Analysis of movement of the structures
• Calculations of the loads on foundations
• Calculations of the centers of gravity
• Analysis of stress-strain structures
• Definition of lifting schemes
• Drawings of assembly and detail the main metal structures
• Drawings of assembly and detailed secondary metal structures (stairs, balconies, walkways, railings, etc.).