About us

MB  Group is the expression of sinergy between three companies.


MB Engineering, leads the group with more than three decades of experience in multidisciplinary Engineering.

MB Ravenna, Implements the group with Automation and System Integrators Serrvices

MB Workshop, close the loop with mechanical construction and EPC competences

MB Group History

In September 1987, two Project Managers working at the nuclear power plants of Trino Vercellese, Cirene Alto Lazio, PEC Brasimone, decided to put their experience to good use and establish MB.

Technical knowledge and management in quality systems of the nuclear sector allowed MB to expand areas of competence: passing first to cogeneration and trigeneration plants, and then to the chemical, petrochemical and Oil & Gas sectors. Over the last three decades, MB has expanded its knowledge and skills by operating not only in Italy and Europe but also worldwide for EPC and oil companies, thanks to a staff of technicians and managers covering all engineering disciplines. Today, due to the skills acquired in the production of energy from alternative sources such as solar, hydrogen, as well as in regeneration and waste recycling, MB stands as a leading engineering company tackling the new frontiers of industrial and technological development.